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A icónica série IRONMAN é a maior plataforma de esportes de participação do mundo.

Focado em fornecer áreas de visualização exclusivas e melhores pontos de vista para mantê-lo mais perto da ação e seus atletas, o programa de serviços VIP oferece acesso, conveniência e conforto aos hóspedes. Embora as ofertas específicas variem de acordo com cada local de evento e local de competição, os hóspedes podem esperar áreas exclusivas VIP, hospitalidade e assistência de um membro da equipe VIP para ajudar com o rastreamento de atletas, navegação de eventos e apoio aos atletas.
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January 12th 2017

10 Reasons to Race with IRONMAN 10.0 in 2017

"It feels great to be a part of a bigger whole-raising money for important causes in local communities."

When you race with IRONMAN 10.0, you race to be a catalyst for good. Your race, your fundraising, and your training will extend far beyond the finish line to help fuel grants in IRONMAN race communities. Join today by registering for an IRONMAN event with IRONMAN 10.0 in 2017. Make your mark in triathlon and leave a legacy that lasts a lifetime. From a spot to Kona, to an IRONMAN family for life-the reasons to join are endless.

If you're still not convinced, check out what our 2015 and 2016 IRONMAN 10.0 athletes had to say:

10. Earn a spot at the world championship

Through the IRONMAN 10.0 Fundraising Program, the top fundraiser over $25,000 will be awarded a slot to race at the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship.

"Thank you again for all your encouragement, support, and helping me get to Kona to make my dream come true! This is truly a blessing and one of my biggest dreams! I can't wait to go!" - Jackson Ferraz9. VIP treatment

"Raising money for great causes and being treated like a VIP on race day was unbelievable. The bike set up in transition was next to the pros, along with meet and greet affairs, and awesome tri kits. The support of the IRONMAN 10.0 staff cheering like crazy on the course made for an amazing experience." - Jackson Ferraz

8. Custom tri kits

"Let's talk about the perks-especially the really cool and instantly recognizable team cycling and tri kits that make you stand out from the crowd in training or on race day. Not to mention the low bib numbers to rack your bike right next to the professional athletes, allowing you to ogle at their race day setup and praying that being next to them will somehow make you faster." - Bryan Lam

7. Rub elbows with the pros

"Can anyone advise why my bib number is #53? That's way too much pressure!" - Timothy Stamm

6. Make an impact

"I love to watch the recipients overcome with joy from the generous outpouring of human compassion afforded from The IRONMAN Foundation and its IRONMAN 10.0 athletes." - Daniel

5. Racing with IRONMAN 10.0 is a family affair

"For me, it started out as a necessity, as that was the only way to get into a sold out race. It has grown into so much more. My family is on board and helping in fundraising activities....and it goes right to the communities that cheer us on and provide motivation and hospitality during our stay." - Michael Oliveira

4. Help community organizations thrive"As a member of one of the charities that have benefited from an IRONMAN Foundation grant, I have seen how the dollars can immediately impact a life. For my first out of town IRONMAN, I could think of no better way to say THANK YOU than to race with IRONMAN 10.0 !" - Michelle O'Rourke3. Join a team, become a family"It's great to know that you've got company, that other people are going through the same thing you are, both during training and during the event. And not just faceless triathletes, but people you get to meet during the run-up to the event. I got a jolt of energy whenever I saw a teammate on the course." - Rhett Bratt2. Racing with IRONMAN 10.0 makes it about "WE" instead of "ME" "A global community is built on the strength of local communities. It's the strength and generosity of local communities that allows IRONMAN to be the beast that it is. We cannot do this alone. We need teamwork and support. Together we can smash our goals and further our limits! To me, this is what IRONMAN 10.0 is all about." - Jane Bryant1. The warm and fuzzy feels